Receiving Notification About Changes to a Vault Tracker Policy

You can receive notifications about changes to a Vault Tracker policy. On enabling the notification, when the Vault Tracker policy is run, the software sends automatic notifications about all the pending actions that are associated with the media movement. If the source is a library, the software sends notifications about the pending actions when the media is removed from the library.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Storage > Tape.

    The Tape storage page appears.

  2. Click a tape_storage for which you want to modify the Vault Tracker policy.

    The tape_storage page appears.

  3. On the Media Details page, under the VaultTracker policies section, click the Vault_tracker_policy for which you you want to receive notifications.

    The Vault Tracker policy page appears.

  4. Under General, use the Auto acknowledge slider to enable or disable receiving the notification.