Replication for File System Agents

With replication, you can perform incremental replication from the backup of a file system client to a destination client computer. As soon as a backup operation completes, all the data that was backed up from the source computer is replicated to the destination computer.

Benefits of the Replication Feature for Disaster Recovery

You can use replication to create and maintain warm recovery sites for computers or file servers. Replication offers the following benefits for disaster recovery:

  • The impact on production servers is minimized because replication uses backup data to create replicated data. The backup operation collects file system data in a single pass, and the replication operation runs on restore infrastructure.

  • Replication is hardware and software agnostic as the underlying storage being replicated and the operating system of the destination computer can be same or different from the source computer.

  • You can restore data at any specific point-in-time.

  • The replication operation runs immediately after a backup operation so that the source computer and the destination computers are always in sync.