Restoring Data from Archive Cloud Storage - Supported Archive Cloud Storage Platforms

The following Archive Cloud Storage platforms are supported for restoring data using the Cloud Storage Archive Recall Workflow:

  • Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service

    • Standard/Archive (Combined Storage tiers)

    • Infrequent Access/Archive (Combined Storage tiers)

    • Archive

  • Amazon Glacier (Direct)

  • Amazon S3

    • Standard/Glacier (Combined Storage tiers)

    • Standard-IA/Glacier (Combined Storage tiers)

    • One Zone-IA/Glacier (Combined Storage tiers)

    • Intelligent-tiering/Glacier (Combined Storage tiers)

    • Standard/Deep Archive (Combined Storage tiers)

    • Standard-IA/Deep Archive (Combined Storage tiers)

    • One Zone-IA/Deep Archive (Combined Storage tiers)

    • Intelligent-tiering/Deep Archive

    • Glacier

    • Deep Archive

  • IBM Cloud Object Storage (Accelerated archive and Archive tiers)

  • Microsoft Azure Storage

    • Hot/Archive (Combined Storage tiers)

    • Cool/Archive (Combined Storage tiers)

    • Archive

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage Classic

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage (S3 Compatibility)