Setting Permissions on a File Server in File Storage Optimization

If you want Activate users to be able to view or to edit file servers that you added to File Storage Optimization, you can update the permissions on the file servers. Users who belong to the master user group can view and edit file servers without any additional permissions.

Only the user who added the file server has the ability to update the permissions or to delete the file server.

Before You Begin

The users and user groups must be able to access Activate.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Activate.

    The Activate page appears.

  2. Under File Storage optimization, click File storage optimization.

    The File storage optimization page appears.

  3. On the Servers tab, in the server row, click the Actions button action_button, and then click Details.

    The server details page appears.

  4. In the Security tile, click Edit.

    The Security dialog box appears.

  5. Enter the users or user groups you want to give permissions to.

  6. From the permissions list, select from the following options:

    • To allow user to view the data source dashboards associated with the file server, click View.

    • To allow users to edit the file server, add data sources, and start data collection jobs, click Edit.

  7. Click Add.

  8. Click Save.