Setting Up an Existing MediaAgent as Distributed Storage Proxy

An existing MediaAgent can be setup as a storage proxy.

Before You Begin

  • Verify that the MediaAgent meets the space, network and other requirements described in Prerequisites For Distributed Storages.

  • Ensure that the MediaAgent has access to the to RHEL repositories. If necessary, enable RHEL subscription to download software and updates using the following command:

    subscription-manager register --username=<USER_NAME> --password=<PASSWORD> --auto-attach


  1. Login to the Deployment Server as an admin user.

  2. Export the HV_ROOTPASS environment variable as follows:

    export HV_ROOTPASS=<root password>

    If the root passwords are different between the storage nodes and the proxy, then export the password as follows:

    export HV_ROOTPASS="pwd1^^^pwd2^^^pwd3"

    Where: ^^^ is the separator, and the deployment process will try all passwords.

  3. Run the following command to deploy the new proxy:

    hv_deploy --add_nonhacvms <FQDN of the proxy> --cluster_name <name of the cluster> --commvault

What To Do Next