Setting Up a Tiered Cloud Storage at the Dataset Level

You can set up a tiered cloud storage to manage your data retention more efficiently. For example, you can use the tiered cloud storage to retain virtual machine data from Hyper-V server or VMware vCenter for a extended period of time.

During the tiered storage setup, you will configure a storage policy with two copies: a primary copy that uses a disk library and a secondary copy that uses a cloud library. This configuration provides the following benefits:

  • Old data that requires extended retention is moved to the cloud library.

  • Data that is accessed frequently is moved to the disk library.

This procedure outlines how to configure tiered storage at the dataset level, so that one or more subclients are moved to cloud storage. If you want to configure tiered cloud storage at the file level within individual subclients, see Setting Up Tiered Cloud Storage at the File Level.


  1. Create a cloud storage library.

    For instructions, see Creating a Cloud Storage Library.

  2. Create a deduplication enabled storage policy using a disk library.

    For instructions, see Creating a Storage Policy with Deduplication.

  3. Specify lower retention rules on the primary copy.

    For instructions, see Setting Up the Basic Retention Rules.

    Note: The retention period for one day and one cycle can be specified in the primary copy. To make sure that the data from the last backup cycle is available on the disk library, you must specify a lower retention period on the primary copy.

  4. Create a secondary copy with deduplication using a cloud storage library.

    For instructions, see Creating a Storage Policy Copy with Deduplication.

    Note: When you enable deduplication on storage policy copies, the data is written to the cloud storage. This means that the data that is present in the cloud storage is not backed up again for optimal network and storage utilization.

  5. Specify extended retention rules for the secondary copy.For instructions, see Configuring Extended Retention Rules.

    Note: When you specify extended retention period on a secondary copy, the data that is older than the last backup cycle is retained in the cloud library for a longer time.

  6. Set up auxiliary copy schedules to ensure that the data is copied to the secondary copy on a regular basis without manual intervention.

    For instructions, see Scheduling an Auxiliary Copy Operation.