Setup Wizard for Adding File Servers


File Discovery, Archiving, and Migrating Data to Cloud is deprecated in this version. For more information about the Obsolescence Policy, see Obsolescence Policy.

Effective Release

11.21 (Version 11, Feature Release 21)


Instead of the File discovery feature, you can use the File Storage Optimization feature.

To archive your data using the Command Center, you can use Archiving Files.

When you log on to the Command Center for the first time, a setup wizard guides you through the core setup required by the applications available in the Command Center. After you complete the core setup, complete the setup wizard specific to the File Discovery and Archiving application.

To complete the setup wizard for the Archiving application, you will need the following information:

  • Select Index Server

    Index Server is a client computer that has the Index Server package installed. Make sure that the Data Analytics role is configured on the Index Server.

  • New File Servers

    Choose a unique name for the file server.

  • Existing File Servers

    You can select existing Windows, UNIX, or Network Shares servers. The drop-down list shows all client computers that use Indexing V1 and Indexing V2.

    UNIX client computers that use Indexing V1 are not supported in this feature release.

  • Add content for archiving.

    You can add CIFS or NFS shares. However, you cannot add CIFS and NFS shares together on the same file server. You can also enter multiple paths.

  • Impersonate user credentials

    Enter the user name and password required to access the network share. Impersonate user credentials are required only for CIFS shares and are not required for NFS shares.

  • Share access node

    Share access node is the computer that has the File System Agent and the MediaAgent packages installed and is able to access the network shares using the impersonate user credentials. For CIFS share you must use a Windows computer and for NFS shares use a UNIX computer.

    This computer is used to perform live scan of the data in the initial phase. Later, when archiving is enabled, the computer is used for archiving operations.

  • Analytics Job Schedule

    A schedule is created automatically to run the Data Analytics job weekly to refresh the indexes.