Smart Server Groups Using Automatic Association

A smart server group automatically adds or deletes servers from the server group based on the software installed on the server or the server's function in the CommCell environment.

Default Smart Server Groups

By default, the following smart server groups appear in the Commvault software:

  • Infrastructure: Includes the CommServe, MediaAgents, Web Console, Web Server, and proxies.

  • Index Servers: Includes all index servers.

  • Laptop Clients: Includes all clients that are laptops.

  • MediaAgents: Includes all MediaAgents.

  • Proxy Clients: Includes all proxies.

  • Recall Enabled: Includes all OnePass clients.

Server Group Scopes

You can also create server groups and select the scope of the server group based on a server's association with other entities in the CommCell environment, such as companies and user groups. When users add servers that meet the scope criteria, the servers become part of the server group.

The scopes are as follows:

  • Clients in this CommCell: All servers in the CommCell environment.

  • Clients of company: All servers that are installed by the tenant administrator of the company and all servers that the tenant administrator has security permissions for.

  • Clients of user: All servers that are installed by the user and the servers that the user has security permissions for.

  • Clients of user group: All servers that the user group has security permissions for.

After you select the scope, you can select additional rules that further filter the servers that are automatically added to the group. For example, you can create a Smart server group that automatically adds all servers of a company (scope), which belong to a particular time zone (additional rule).

Automatic Server Group

Some smart server groups are created automatically when users perform certain actions in the Commvault software. For example, when a user creates a company, a server group for the company is created automatically. Additionally, any server that the company tenant administrator creates is added to the company server group.