Step 2: Install and Register the Commvault Software

Download the Commvault Express Media Kit, and then run it to install and register the software.

Before You Begin

  • Review the requirements.

  • Install Windows Updates on the backup server.

  • If antivirus, security, or asset management software is installed on the backup server, disable that software before proceeding with the installation.

  • Obtain an activation code for the software.


  1. Download the most recent version of the Commvault Express Media Kit from the Commvault Store, and then copy the downloaded file to the backup server. Download the kit here:

  2. Log on to the backup server as a user with administrator privileges.

    The Download Manager dialog box appears.

  3. Confirm the destination folder for installer files or browse to select a different folder, and then click Extract.

    The installation wizard opens and provides a link to review the license agreement.

  4. Select the I Agree box, and then click >.

    The Choose the Installation Type page appears.

  5. Select the type of installation you want to perform, and then click >.

    The Install Option page appears.

  6. Select Add Packages, and then click >.

    The Select Packages page appears.

  7. Select Server > CommServe, and then click >.

    Note that other packages will be selected by default.

    The Installation Path page will appear.

  8. Confirm the installation path or browse to select a different folder, verify that sufficient space is available in the installation path, and then click >.

    The Index Cache Path page appears.

  9. Enter a path in the Select the Index Cache folder box, and then click >.

    The Database Engine Installation Path page appears.

  10. Enter a path in the SQL Server Engine Path box, and then click >.

    The CommServe Database Installation Path page appears.

  11. Enter a path in the CommServe Database Path box, and then click >.

    The Disaster Recovery Path page appears.

  12. Select and enter a network path or local path in the Disaster Recovery Backup Files Path box, and then click >.

    The Configure Proxy Service Path page appears.

  13. Select the Configure Proxy Service box (if required), and then click >.

    The Installation Summary page appears.

  14. Click >.

    The Client Computer Information page appears.

  15. Enter a Client Name and a Host Name, and then click >.


    Verify that both the domain name and the computer name do not contain underscores.

    The Database Install Option page appears.

  16. Select Create New Database or Use Existing Database, and then click >.

    The Commvault ID page appears.

  17. Select Use existing account or Create new account, enter the account details, and then click >.


    • Select Use existing account if you already have an existing Commvault Cloud account.

    • Select Create new account if you are setting up a trial license (30 days) account. This trial account will allow you to access the Command Center after installation, but it will not be authenticated with Commvault.

    A confirmation page appears and displays a URL for the Command Center. Copy the URL. The URL has the following format: http://webhost/commandcenter.

  18. Click Finish.

    The Command Center opens in the default browser for the backup server.

    When you access the Command Center for the first time after the installation completes, the Create new account wizard opens so that you can configure the administrator account for the Command Center.

  19. On the User details page, enter the email address for the administrator and a password for the account.

    Make a note of the password.


    To register with an existing Commvault user account, click Use existing account, and then enter the user name and password for that account.

  20. In the Activation code box, enter the activation code for the software.

  21. Click Next.

    The Contact details page appears.

  22. Enter your name, company name, and contact phone number.

  23. Click Next.

    The Mailing address page appears.

  24. Enter your address information, and then click Register.

After registration completes successfully, the Command Center login screen appears.