Storage Copy

A storage copy is a secondary copy that provides a means to make additional copies of the data located on the primary copy. Storage copies are useful when you want to make consistent point-in-time copies of data within the cycle. There are three types of storage copies:

  • Synchronous Copy

    In a synchronous copy, all the backup jobs (full, incremental, differential, transaction log or archive job) that are written to the primary copy are copied. An auxiliary copy operation must be performed to replicate the data to the storage copy.

    Although a storage copy can use the same storage target as the primary copy, we recommend that you use a different storage target for a storage copy.

  • Selective Copy

    A selective copy allows you to copy specific full backup jobs from a source copy. The source copy can be either a primary or a synchronous copy. Selective copy facilitates better tape rotation.

  • Snapshot copy

    You can create vault or replica copies, or mirror copies of the snapshot copy that you have in the server backup plan.