Supported Wildcards for NDMP

You can use wildcards to define content and filters for a subclient.

Before adding wildcards for subclient content or filters, review the vendor-specific guidelines:


  • When you use wildcards to specify subclient content, the content path appears in italics.

  • You can use more than one type of wildcard to define subclient content (for example, /[A-L]*).

  • To treat wildcard symbols as literals in the subclient content and not as wildcards, escape the character by adding a back slash (\). For example, /FS\?.





Matches any number of characters.

Used to match all objects.

This wildcard is used in the following scenarios:

  • Back up all files of a specific extension.

  • Back up all files under a specific directory.

  • Back up all files of a specific extension where the file name starts with a specific pattern.


Matches any one character.

Used to match all files (or directories) for which any one character in the file name or the directory name is variable.


Matches a set or range of characters enclosed in square brackets.

Numbers within square brackets are treated as single digits, and a dash between two digits indicates the complete range of numbers between those two digits.


Matches any single character that is not in the listed set or range of characters. You can use the wildcard in the following scenario:

Back up all files in a directory except the files for which the name starts with any character from the specified set or range of characters.