Supported Wildcards for OpenVMS File System

You can use a wildcard to represent one or more characters when you define the content for backups and filters for a subclient.


If the subclient content consists of wildcard characters and no eligible files are found for the backup, the backup operation can still successfully complete.





Any number of characters.

Use this wildcard in the following scenarios

  • Back up all files of a specific extension

  • Back up all files under a specific directory

  • Back up all files with a specific file extension that start with the pattern

*.doc will backup all files with the extension .doc (e.g., STATUS.doc, MISSION.doc).

/SCS1$DK00/TEST/*.doc;1 will backup all .doc files only in the /TEST directory

A*.so will backup all files with the extension .so (e.g.,, on the client computer which have the name beginning with "A".

/SCS1$DK00/FINANCE/TEST/* will backup all the files and directories in the "TEST" directory under the "FINANCE" directory. Any sub-directories under the TEST directory will not get backed up.


A single character.

Use this wildcard in the following scenario:

  • All files (or directories) that match the character pattern before and after the ?

Tip: To match multiple characters, use a ? for each character that you want to match.

/SCS1$DK00/ACCESS? will backup any directory or file for which the name begins with- "ACCESS" followed by any one character such as ACCESS1 or ACCESS5. However, ACCESS12 or ACCESS15 will not backup because the last two characters in the name are variable.

/SCS1$DK00/CLASS/REPORT? will backup any directory or file under /CLASS directory for which the character in the place of ? is variable. For example: /CLASS/REPORT1 and /CLASS/REPORT2 will back up. However, /CLASS/REPORT15 will not get backed up.


A range of characters.

/SCS1$DK00/CLASS/[A-M]*.doc will back up any file with .doc extension for which the name begins with the letters "A" through "M”.

/[AEIOU]*.doc will back up any file name that ends with .doc and begins with the letters A, E, I, O, or U.

/SCS1$DK00/CLASS/FINANCE/REPORT[1-47-9] backs up the following files in the /FINANCE directory:







/SCS1$DK00/DEPARTMENT-[A-CS] backs up the following files:






The negation of a set or range of characters.

Use the wildcard to back up all files in a directory that do not match the characters specified in the wildcard.

/SCS1$DK00/TEST/[!AEIOU]*.doc would backup all .doc files in the TEST directory that start with a letter other than A, E, I, O, or U.


Any number of characters across any number of path levels.

/SCS1$DK00/**/MOVE.cpp - will backup the file named MOVE.cpp located at any directory level. (e.g., /TEST/NEWAPP/MOVE.cpp and /OPT/KDE3/SRC/MOVE.cpp)

/SCS1$DK00/ETC/** - will backup all directories and files under /ETC. All the sub-directories under these directories will also be included.


Applies only to filters and exceptions.

Use this wildcard in the following scenarios:

  • To filter the directory/library and the objects that are under it.

  • To add an exception to the filter.

The filter /SCS1$DK00/QSYS.LIB/ABC.LIB/*** filters the library ABC and the library contents.

The filter /SCS1$DK00/QSYS.LIB/*** and the exception /SCS1$DK00/QSYS.LIB/ABC.LIB/*** backs up the ABC library and all the contents of that library.