Software Cache Configuration (Remote Software Cache)


Use this dialog box to configure remote cache directories on client computers. You can also use this dialog box to view and manage the remote cache directories that you configured.

When you have a group of clients that reside in a remote location, you can configure a remote cache to reduce the network traffic and download time. The clients associated with the remote cache will retrieve the software from the remote cache.


Name of the client computer where you configured the remote cache directory.


Indicates whether the remote cache is enabled to receive software from the CommServe cache.

Cache Directory

Directory path of the remote cache on the client computer.

Cache Details

Click to view the feature releases and additional updates available in the remote cache directory.

Note: Beginning Service Pack 11.21, the Package Status column in the Cache Details dialog box is deprecated. Since the media is now hosted side-by-side on both the CommServe cache and the remote cache, there is no longer a global validity flag for them. The Cache Details dialog box only shows media available on the Remote cache.


Click to configure a new remote cache location.


Click to delete the selected remote cache.


Click to modify the selected remote cache.


Click to view the clients that are currently associated with the selected remote cache.