Enterprise Success Program (ESP) Presentation


The Enterprise Success Program (ESP) Presentation includes statistics about a CommCell environment or a CommCell Group for a particular business quarter or month.

This report should be used only by Support Account Managers and Technical Account Managers (TAMs) employed by Commvault Systems, Inc. Support Account Managers and TAMs can use this presentation to compare environmental statistics from quarter to quarter and discuss that information with customers.

Support Account Managers and TAMs can also use information in the ESP Presentation to make an action plan for improving the health of the environment.

Information displayed in the presentation includes the following:

  • An overview of components in the environment

  • The backup job success rates and the amount of storage space consumed

  • The licenses used by the customer

  • The tasks and projects lead by Commvault employees on behalf of the customer

  • A list of incidents that might have occurred and incident trending

Where to Access the Report

You can view this report on the Command Center or the Web Console in CommCell environments where the Metrics Reporting Server is installed, or on the Cloud Services Portal in environments where Metrics data collection is turned on.