Reinstalling the Second Instance in the Production CommServe Host


The second instance (or the instance containing the SQL Server Agent and the CommServe Failover package) can be reinstalled if needed.

Before You Begin

  • Note down the name of the SQL client. It is critical to reinstall the software using this name. (See step 2 in the following procedure.)


  1. Uninstall the packages installed in Instance 2. (Or the instance with SQL Server Agent and CommServe Failover packages.)

    For more information on uninstalling software, see Retiring a Laptop or Computer.

  2. Install the CommServe Failover package.

    For more information on installing the CommServe Failover package, see Installing the CommServe Failover Package on the Production CommServe Host.

    Important: On the Client Computer Information page associated with the SQL client, make sure to use the same name that was used previously for the SQL client. (See the Before You Begin section in this page.)

  3. Verify the setup from the production CommServe host to ensure that the default components are installed and configured properly. For more information on verifying your setup, see Verifying the Default Setup.