Region-Based Storage for Laptop and Server Plans


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Region-based storage is a type of plan configuration that defines storage rules based on the region that is associated with a server or a laptop. Region-based storage gives administrators more flexibility when designing plans to fit the needs of their infrastructure.

If you assigned a region to a server or a laptop before associating it with a plan, the Commvault software picks the storage that is the closest match to the assigned region. Then, when you associate a plan with the server or laptop, the software identifies the region and navigates through the server, server group, company, and CommCell hierarchy to identify the region that is associated with the server. Then, the software identifies the storage pool that is the closest match based on the city, country, continent, and distance.

For example, assume you have two storage locations for the backup data in your environment that are geographically distant from each other. Using region-based storage, you can create a region for each storage location in the Command Center, and then configure a plan to back up data from your server to the storage that is closest to the server. Also, administrators can create custom regions in order to group the locations and enforce the specific usage of the storage.

For region-based backups, storage is selected based on access node region and is supported only for VSA clients that are enabled with Indexing V2. For more information, see Backup Workload Distribution.


  • If you select a region-based storage during client installation or laptop package creation, the software selects the region based on the closest geographic location with respect to the regions defined in the plan. Otherwise, by default, the software assigns the workload region.

  • If a workload (such as a file server, virtual machine, or laptop) is associated with a region-based storage plan, the software determines the backup destination using the region that is defined in the region-based storage plan and displays the Backup destination region box on the Overview tab of the workload page.