Recovering an Index Server Cloud Node Installed on a System Drive


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If an Index Server Cloud node is installed on a system drive that fails, you can recover the node by rebuilding the operating system and reinstalling the Commvault software on the drive.

If the drive that fails is not a system drive, see Recovering an Index Server Cloud Node Installed on a Non-System Drive.


  1. On the node that failed, rebuild the operating system.

    Important: Keep the same host name and the same drive.

  2. On the node that failed, reinstall the Index Store package.

    For instructions about installing the Index Store package, see Installing the Index Store Package for Index Server Cloud.

  3. In the CommCell Browser, go to Storage Resources > Index Store Pools.

  4. Right-click the Index Store Pool, and then click Properties.

    The Client Computer Properties for Index Store Pool Name dialog box appears.

  5. On the Nodes tab, click the node that failed, and then, above the list of nodes, click the Reconfigure button.

  6. Perform an in-place restore for the failed node.

    For instructions about performing a restore, see Restoring the Index Directory for the Index Server Cloud.


The node is restored to the time of the last Solr backup operation. The next archive job on a given collection replays the logs to retrieve the latest records update.