Exclude Files From Backup Operations in Hybrid File Store


You can use filters to exclude specific types of files from backup operations. When you write the files to the Hybrid File Store, the files are stored in the disk cache and are not backed up to the Content Store. The data is not pruned from the cache unless the files are deleted.

You can specify multiple file types to filter, separated by a comma. For example, to exclude all files with txt, jpeg, and bmp suffixes from the backup operations, specify the following: txt, jpeg, bmp. File suffixes are case-sensitive.

You can use filters to add temporary files to the Hybrid File Store that contains data which you may require to create a new file. Make sure that you delete such temporary files promptly else the NFS cache would be filled with such files. The temporary files are not backed up to the Content Store, and you cannot browse the files point-in-time or download such files.

Note: You can configure filters for the Hybrid File Store using Command Line Interface only.

Review the following topics to add backup filters in Hybrid File Store: