AWS Outposts


You can use Commvault to protect EC2, RDS, and EKS instances running in AWS Outposts.

Commvault components can be deployed on AWS Outposts, including high-availability configurations for the CommServe, MediaAgent grids, and the access node groups.

AWS Outposts is an on-premises deployment of AWS services, infrastructure, and operations that provides hybrid cloud capabilities.

For more information about AWS Outposts, go to the AWS Outposts documentation site.

Key Benefits

  • Extend intelligent data management to AWS Outposts-hosted data.

  • Protect latency-sensitive applications and store backup data on-site for rapid recovery.

  • Ensure data residency needs are met for AWS Outposts backup data.

  • Easily migrate between AWS region and AWS Outposts with Commvault automation.

  • Extend your Disaster Recovery landscape with failover/failback between AWS region and AWS Outposts, and vice versa.

Supported Features

You can use Commvault to perform the following operations for EC2, RDS, and EKS instances that run in AWS Outposts:

  • Streaming backup and recovery to Commvault cloud, disk, or tape libraries.

  • Storage and network optimization (deduplication, compression).

  • Changed-Block Tracking (CBT) backups of EBS volumes.

  • Amazon cloud-native snapshot protection and recovery.

  • Application-consistent protection.

  • Recovery of full instance, volume, or individual files/folders.

  • Sharing of snapshots across AWS regions and accounts.

  • Workload auto-discovery and protection (by tag, region, zone, instance).

  • End-to-end encryption of data from Outposts to backup storage.

Supported Use Cases

  • Intelligent data management across all AWS regions and on-premises locations.

  • Backup and recovery of EC2, RDS, and EKS instances from streaming backups.

  • Retention of optimized backup copies on cloud, disk, and tape media per with business data residency needs.

  • Backup and recovery of EC2, RDS, and EKS instances from EBS snapshots.

  • Migration of EC2, RDS, and EKS workloads from AWS region to on-premises AWS Outposts and back.

  • Migration of on-premises virtual machines (VMs) to AWS Outposts using Commvault VM conversion.

  • Running Commvault components such as the CommServe, MediaAgents, and access nodes on AWS outposts for low latency or data residency needs.

  • Failover of Commvault CommServe, MediaAgent and access node capability between AWS Outposts and region.

  • Perform Disaster Recovery of EC2 instances and hosted databases (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Oracle RAC, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DB2) between AWS Outposts and region.

Supported Services

  • Amazon EC2 instances

  • Amazon EBS volumes

  • Amazon RDS instances (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

  • Amazon EKS containers

  • Amazon S3

Commvault supports Amazon VPC extensions and Local Gateway (LGW) as a means to access your AWS Outposts or on-premises infrastructure.

Unsupported Services

  • Amazon EMR clusters