Frequently Asked Questions for Exchange Online


You can view additional information about the Exchange Online operations in the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

As a managed services provider (MSP) administrator, why do I need Resource Pool?

Resource pools are useful for managed backup service providers (MSPs) that provide Office 365 (Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Teams), Azure AD, and Dynamics 365, backup services to their tenants using Office 365.

An MSP administrator can use a resource pool to map all the infrastructure details that are needed for the Office 365 apps to the storage pool. Then the tenant administrator can create the Office 365 apps using minimum details.

Why do you need global administrator account?

Global administrator account is required to create apps and service accounts automatically.

Does MFA need to be enabled when modern authentication is used for data protection?

MFA need not be enabled as modern authentication is not compatible with MFA in case of service accounts. In modern authentication, since the service account is only used to collect the mailbox list, you can reduce the rights and the role of the service account to that of a regular mailbox with only the view-only permission.

Can all automatically created Exchange Online service account expired passwords be updated in Command Center ?

You can change the expired passwords of automatically created service accounts in the Microsoft Office 365 portal. If you do not want to manually update the passwords for all the service accounts from the Exchange Client Properties page in the Command Center, they can be updated automatically for all service accounts by using the bUpdateServiceAccountPassword DWORD = 1 Under MSExchangeMBAgent. For all the service accounts registry key.

Why do recall operations fail for Outlook Add-in when a mailbox is migrated from an On-Premises Exchange environment to an Exchange Online environment?

When a mailbox is migrated from an On-Premises Exchange environment to an Exchange Online environment, the recall operations fail as the cvmetadata folder is deleted. To avoid this, you must run an archiving job after the migration.