Global Repository Cell (GRC) Support for 3DFS


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You can export the backup data of your PodCell as 3DFS shares from the Global Repository Cell (GRC).

A GRC is a CommCell system that is configured as a repository to monitor the metadata of jobs from other CommCell systems. The CommCell systems that are monitored are called PodCells. These PodCell entities (clients, agents, backup sets, or subclients) are imported to the Global Repository Cell for monitoring. You can view the imported clients from the CommCell Browser of the Global Repository Cell under Client Computers as "uninstalled" clients.

For more information about the Global Repository Cell, see Manage a Multiple-CommCell Environment.

You can access the 3DFS shares exported from the Global Repository Cell, and perform browse and restore operations.

The behavior of the Refresh on Backup feature is different in a Global Repository Cell environment. In a PodCell, the exported share is always up to date with the most recent backup data. However, in a Global Repository Cell, you must run the PodCell import operation for the exported share to access the latest backed up data.

Key Benefits

  • Run analytics tools on the data managed by PodCells.

  • Save storage space by avoiding temporary restores of data from multiple PodCells.