Troubleshooting General Salesforce Errors


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Configuration Errors

Error message

Where to fix the error

KB article

Could not connect to the database!...FATAL: SSL connection is required

Commvault software

KB article 68533

Error: OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

  • Salesforce

  • Commvault software

KB article 57519

ExceededQuota : ApiBatchItems Limit exceeded


KB article 67483

ExceptionCode=INVALID_SESSION_ID; ExceptionMessage=Invalid Session ID found in SessionHeader for backups/restores


KB article 58943

INVALID_SESSION_ID; ExceptionMessage=This session is not valid for use with the API


KB article 55186

REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: TotalRequests Limit exceeded

Commvault software

KB article CLD0011