Estimating System Requirements


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You can use the DR Sizing Calculator to estimate Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for periodic and continuous replication and the number and size of VMs, MediaAgents, and other infrastructure assets required to use disaster recovery in your environment.


  1. Go to the DR/Replication Sizing Calculator.

    The DR/Replication Sizing Calculator appears.

  2. Enter the number and size of VMs in your environment, your name, your email address, and then click OK.

  3. The RTO Information page appears.

  4. In the Periodic Replication VMs and the Continuous Replication VMs boxes, enter the number of VMs that you want to configure for periodic replication and continuous replication. The numbers you enter in these boxes should add up to the total number of VMs in your environment.

  5. In the Rate of Change (in %) box, enter the amount of difference in data you expect between the source site and the DR site for every incremental replication job, and then click OK.

    A summary of the information you entered and the suggested requirements for both periodic and continuous replication appears. This information is also sent to you in an email.