Creating an Access Node for a Microsoft Azure Hypervisor


If your environment includes at least one hypervisor that VM provisioning settings are specified for, you can create an access node for a hypervisor. This capability simplifies expanding into a new region for MSPs.

You can create an access node from several starting locations in addition to the procedure in this topic. Other than the starting location, the procedure steps are similar and accomplish the same thing.

Perform a procedure on this page after the Specifying VM Provisioning Settings for Microsoft Azure Access Nodes procedure.

Creating an Access Node from a Hypervisor

This procedure assumes that appropriate hypervisors and regions have previously been configured.

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

  2. Click the Hypervisors tab near the top of the screen and a list of all configured hypervisors displays.

  3. Click the name of the hypervisor that will host the Access Node.

  4. Click Configuration. The Configuration page displays.

  5. In the Access node section to the right of the page, click Create Access node. The Create Access node dialog displays.

  6. In the Provisioning Hypervisor field, select the hypervisor that will host the access node by using the choices in the dropdown list.

  7. In the Region field, select the region that will host the access node from the list of regions configured in VM Provisioning Settings by using the choices in the dropdown list.

  8. Click Windows or Linux as the Operating System.

  9. Name the virtual machine by typing a name into the VM Name field.

  10. Launch the job to create the access node by clicking Submit at the lower right of the screen.

  11. The newly created access node will be shown at the bottom of the Access Node section with the same name you gave it for the selected provisioning hypervisor.