Searching for Mail Messages


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You can search for backed up mail messages in the Web Console based on all fields. In addition, you can limit the results before or after you perform a search.


  1. Log on to Web Console.

  2. Access your mail messages.

  3. To search for messages based on all fields:

    1. Type a keyword in the Search box.

    2. Click Search (the magnifying glass icon).

      All of the messages that contain a keyword match in any field appear in the results.

  4. To search for messages based on specific criteria:

    1. Click the down arrow in the Search box.

      A list of filtering options appears.

    2. Enter one or more filtering criteria.

    3. Click Search.

      All of the messages that meet your search criteria appear in the results.

  5. Optional: In the Refine Search pane, apply more filters to reduce the number of messages that are returned in the search.

    The Refine Search is only available if your administrator has enabled content indexing for the client.