Mailbox Quota Usage - Overview


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The Mailbox Quota Usage report presents a summary of mailbox usage statistics relative to quotas that are set, along with details of the quota and usage for each mailbox.

Information in this report includes:

  • Mailbox backup storage usage for participating CommCells

  • A graphic summary statement of mailboxes broken down by percentage of quota used

  • A list of all mailboxes that exceed 100 percent of their quota, with quota-related details.

  • If fewer than 100 mailboxes exceed their quota, the mailboxes with the highest usage are shown until 100 mailboxes are shown (assuming there are that many mailboxes being backed up).


Administrators can view this report on the Web Console's Reports page. If the Quota feature is not enabled in your Commvault installation, the report runs, but shows no data.