MediaAgent Recovery


MediaAgent recovery is the process of rebuilding the MediaAgent when it is permanently offline. For example, due to hardware crash or network issues.

This process involves the following phases:

  1. Prepare for a Disaster Recovery.

  2. Set up the new MediaAgent computer.

  3. Test the new MediaAgent computer.

Migrating MediaAgent to New Hardware

If you want to upgrade the operating system or hardware of the MediaAgent computer, you can migrate the existing MediaAgent to the new hardware using MediaAgent Refresh. See MediaAgent Hardware Refresh.

1-Touch Recovery

Use the 1-Touch recovery process to recover and rebuild the operating system and file system data on a single client or multiple clients with the same or different hardware configurations. You can recover systems with defective components, such as inaccessible volumes or crashed disks, without installing the individual software packages or operating systems manually.

For more information, see Overview - 1-Touch for Windows and Overview - 1-Touch for UNIX.

To recover a MediaAgent using 1-Touch recovery, see Restoring a MediaAgent.