Usage Calculation for the Protected Virtual Instances License


The following data is included in the usage calculation for Protected Virtual Instances.

Included Data

Counts all virtual machines (with unique CommCell IDs and protected by active subclients) for all supported hypervisors and all Kubernetes applications that were successfully backed up. The software counts the last successful full or synthetic full backup.

Usage Increase

Usage can increase because of any of the following actions:

  • Adding new virtual machines or Kubernetes applications to the subclient content.

  • Enabling backup activity on the subclient with virtual machines or Kubernetes applications as content.

Usage Decrease

Usage can decrease by removing existing virtual machines or Kubernetes applications from the subclient content and by running full backup jobs or synthetic full backup jobs.

If you apply this license on a CommCell environment where capacity licenses are also applied, Virtual Server Agent jobs and Kubernetes jobs do not count toward capacity, and cause the capacity usage to decrease.

Excluded Data

The following types of data are excluded from the usage calculation:

  • Subclients with disabled activity.

  • Subclients with no storage policy.

Protected Virtual Instance in the License Summary Report