Accessing the Web Console Using Common Access Cards

You can access the Web Console using a Common Access Card (CAC).

Before You Begin

Enable CAC authentication.


  1. Insert your CAC into a smart card reader that is connected to your computer.

  2. Open your web browser and type the Web Console URL provided by the administrator in the address bar.

    The URL will be in the following format: http://host_name:port/webconsole, for example:


    If port 80 is used, then you do not need to include it in the URL.

    A Select a certificate dialog box appears.

  3. Select the certificate that matches with your smart card.

  4. Enter your smart card PIN.


    This step is required only if you are accessing the Web Console in a non-LDAP environment.


You are signed on to the Web Console without having to enter your username or password.