Add Disk Filter Options for VMware

To discover VM disks automatically, you can configure rules using search criteria. This is useful if you need to include or exclude specific disks from the backup content of a VM group.

  • Disk filter type: Select a search criterion. You can use wildcards to define search criteria.

    • Datastore: To exclude all VMs on a particular datastore, enter the datastore name or a pattern using wildcards.

    • Hard disk label: To exclude a range of disks, enter the starting number and ending number.

    • Virtual device node: To exclude all VM disks that use a particular device node, select the virtual device node.

    • VMDK name/pattern: To exclude all VMs that use a specific VMDK, enter the VMDK name or a pattern using wildcards.


Identifying All Disks that Use a Similar VMDK Name Pattern

To identify all disks on that use a VMDK with a name that begins with "xdv", configure the following disk filter:

  1. From the Disk filter type list, select VMDK name/pattern.

  2. In the VMDK name/pattern box, enter /**/xdv*.