Adding an Additional Deduplication Partition on Remote Office Appliance RO1200

A second location for backup data can be created on Cloud or Disk Storage remote to the Remote Office Appliance RO1200. This requires the creation of a secondary Deduplication DataBase (DDB) to ensure that the data is retained in reduced format. This configuration is referred to as Deduplication Extended Mode.


  1. Create a disk or cloud storage library as the storage target for the off-site copy. For more information about creating the storage, see one of the following:

    • Configuring Disk Storage

    • Configuring Cloud Storage


      • Create the Partition Path for the Deduplication Database in C:\DiskStorage\Dedupe\Lib1\P_2.

      • Do NOT use E:\ directly in any DDB partition definition.

      • Do NOT re-partition E:\ to create additional drives to host DDBs.