Adding a Secondary Credential to Access the Cloud Library Mount Path

You can add a secondary cloud storage credential, which can be used by clients that have the Storage Accelerator package, to access the cloud library mount path. You can use the secondary credential to prevent clients that have the Storage Accelerator package from gaining full access to the cloud storage library by creating the secondary credential with only read and write permissions to the mount path. (Delete permission can be omitted for the Storage Accelerator.) Also, when you set up the MediaAgent with a secure access role (such as AWS IAM role) to access the cloud storage library, you can create this secondary access credential for clients that have the Storage Accelerator package.

Before You Begin

  • Create the secondary credential for the appropriate cloud storage account that must used by the Storage Accelerator.

    For information about how to create a secondary credential for the storage account, refer the documentation associated with the appropriate Cloud Storage vendor.

  • Add the secondary credentials to the Credential Manager.

    For more information about adding credentials, see Creating a Credential Entity.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Storage > Cloud.

    The Cloud page appears.

  2. Click the cloud storage.

    The cloud storage page appears.

  3. In the name column, click the name of the bucket for which the secondary credential must be added.

    The bucket page appears.

  4. In the Configuration area, from the Storage accelerator credentials list select the secondary credential.

    Optionally, click the plus (+) icon to add a new secondary credential, if it is already not created using the Credential Manager.

  5. Click the tick (Adding a Secondary Credential to Access the Cloud Library Mount Path (1)) icon to save the changes.


All clients with the storage Accelerator package, using the specific mount path will use this secondary credential to access the cloud storage library.

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