The eleventh generation of Commvault, our industry leading software, has all of the latest innovations designed to provide you with a business advantage.

In addition to the new software features and usability enhancements in this platform release, we have rearchitected the core of our software. This includes the following:

  • The Security layer has greater access for control and flexibility, and addresses the needs of mobile users.

  • The Networking layer supports new transport modes, and provides greater speeds and better scaling.

  • The Database layer has been simplified to eliminate potential bottlenecks.

  • The Indexing layer supports multiple databases as well as live-edit capabilities.

To see new features and changes for the current release, go to Commvault Platform Release 2022E.

If you are a new user of our software, start by reading the Software Overview pages, and try out our software by following the Quick Start Guide.

VSA Indexing V1 End of Life

Starting with Commvault Platform Release 2024E (11.36), Indexing V1 for the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) will be end of life and not supported anymore. All new VSA features will use Indexing V2. If you are currently using VSA V1, consider upgrading to V2.

Platform Releases and Platform Release Support

New Naming Convention for Feature Releases

Beginning June 15, 2022, feature releases are named "Commvault Platform Release", followed by the year. Long-Term Support (LTS) releases will be appended with an "E" (for "Extended").

For example:

  • The June 15, 2022 release, which is an LTS release, is named "Commvault Platform Release 2022E" (11.28).

  • The December 15, 2022 release, which is not an LTS release, is named "Commvault Platform Release 2023" (11.30).

  • The June 15, 2023 release, which is an LTS release, is named "Commvault Platform Release 2023E" (11.32).

  • Etc.

Platform Release Cadence Is Now Every Six Months

Beginning March 15, 2022, new platform releases are available every six months instead of every three months. This new release cadence will help improve the stability and quality of Commvault. The next Long-Term Support (LTS) release (Commvault Platform Release 2022E, also referred to as version 11.28) will be available on June 15, 2022.

Note the following:

  • Long-Term Support (LTS) releases continue to have a support lifetime of up to three (3) years, and non-LTS releases continue to have a support lifetime of up to one (1) year.

  • Maintenance releases continue to be available on a monthly schedule.

  • Security updates continue to be available as needed.

Maintenance Release Schedule Change

Beginning September, 2020, maintenance releases are posted on a monthly schedule.

For more information, see Feature Release Schedule and Lifecycles.

NFS ObjectStore Is Now Called Hybrid File Store

Beginning in Feature Release 11.21, NFS ObjectStore is called Hybrid File Store.

Web-Based CommCell Console Will Stop Working When Oracle Removes the Support for Java Web Start

As described in the Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap web page, Oracle will continue to provide public updates and auto updates of Java "until at least the end of January 2019 for Commercial Users". After that time, Java Web Start and the Java Plug-in will be removed and Commvault users will no longer be able to access the CommCell Console as a Java Web Start application.

Commvault users will be able to access the CommCell Console using the Java Web Start application up until the end of January 2019, and the Java deprecation warning will appear during that time. After January 2019, Commvault users will not be able to access the CommCell Console using the Java Web Start application.

After January 2019, Commvault users can access the CommCell Console only by using one of the following methods:

Deprecation and End-of-Life

For more information about the end of support for the deprecated platforms, products, and features, see Deprecation Notices.