Azure Classification Models for Sensitive Data Governance

You can use Azure classification models to recognize receipts, business cards, invoices, and IDs in the data sources that you analyze in Sensitive Data Governance. Commvault uses Azure Cognitive Services APIs to perform the identification.

You must have an Azure account to use the Azure classification models. Azure charges fees to use their classification models. The cost of using the Azure classification models is charged to your Azure account.


To minimize cost, enable only the Azure classification models that are required to meet your business needs.

After you enable an Azure classification model, add the classifier to a data classification plan. The classification information is available for Sensitive Data Governance data sources that are associated with the data classification plan.


  • Classification is available for Sensitive Data Governance data sources.

  • To view the supported languages, go to Language support for Form Recognizer on the Microsoft documentation website.

  • The Azure classification models have a 50 MB file size limit and analyze image files and PDF files. These limits are imposed by Microsoft.