Backups for OCI

You can perform backups automatically based on the configuration for a hypervisor or VM group, or manually for a VM group or a specific instance.

The first backup of an instance is always a full backup. By default, all subsequent backups are incremental, capturing any changes to instance data since the last backup.

You can recover instance data, even when the most recent backup was incremental.


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows the creation of sub-compartments up to six levels deep. You can back up and restore instances that are under those sub-compartments (as well as under the root compartment) for OCI regions.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure incremental backups utilize Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) validation in order to determine which blocks have changed since the last backup. Due to this validation process, incremental backups may take as long to run as full backups.

  • Backups and restores require the target instance and the access node to be located in the same AD.

Backup Flow

  1. Create snapshots for volumes.

  2. Create temporary replica volumes from snapshots.

  3. Attach volumes to proxy.


    The maximum number of attachments is 32 for both Linux and Windows.

  4. Back up volumes and instance metadata.

  5. Detach and delete temporary volumes.