Cloning an Oracle RAC PDB

You can create a clone of an Oracle RAC pluggable database (PDB) without a production database interruption. When you clone a PDB, the Commvault software duplicates the container database (CDB) and PDBs that you want to clone to an auxiliary instance in a staging path that you specify. The software stages the CDB, and then unplugs the PDBs from the staged CDB, and plugs them in to the new CDB.

Before You Begin

Verify that the staging path has enough free space for the datafiles for both the root CDB and the PDB$SEED of the source database, and that the destination path has enough free space for the PDBs that you clone.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Databases.

    The Instances page appears.

  2. Click the instance.

    The instance page appears.

  3. On the Overview tab, in the Recovery points section, select the backup to restore, and then click Restore.

    The Backup content page appears.

  4. Select the data that you want to restore, and then click Restore.

    The Restore options dialog box appears.

  5. In the Out of place tab, select PDB clone.

  6. From the Destination server list, select the host to restore to.

  7. From the Destination instance list, select the instance to restore to.

  8. To change the number of streams to use for the restore, in the Number of streams box, enter the number of streams to use.

  9. Click PDB Clone options.

    The PDB Clone options dialog box appears.

  10. In the Staging Path box, enter the full path to the location where you want to store the auxiliary instance.

  11. To have the software automatically clean up the instance after it creates the clone, select the Cleanup auxiliary instance check box.

  12. Choose how you want to redirect the clone's tablespaces and datafiles:

    • To redirect all the clone tablespaces and datafiles to a new location, select All PDBs.

      1. To specify the new location, in the box, enter the full path.

      2. In the Clone PDB Name box, enter the name for the new PDB.

    • To redirect a single PDB to a new datafile directory, select Individual PDB.

      1. In the Clone PDB Name box, enter the name for the new PDB.

      2. In the Datafiles Directory box, enter the full path to the new PDB datafiles directory.

  13. Click Save.

  14. For Recover to, specify how you want to apply the archive files to the data files.

    The SCN option restores the database to the System Change Number (SCN) that you specify. The SCN tracks the timing of transactions in the database. The SCNs are stored in the control files and the datafile headers. You can recover the database to the most recent existing SCN number in the control file, which is the most recent consistent database state.

  15. Click Submit.