Configuring Azure ExpressRoute and Private Link

You can configure the Azure ExpressRoute circuit and Azure Private Link (Private Endpoint) for Metallic Cloud Storage Service.

Configuring Azure ExpressRoute

As the ExpressRoute is completely transparent to Metallic Cloud Storage Service, no additional approval or configuration is required for Metallic Cloud Storage Service. (For information about configuring the Azure ExpressRoute circuit, see

  1. Configure Metallic Cloud Storage Service in Commvault software. For more information, see Configuring Metallic Cloud Storage Service.

  2. Contact Commvault Customer Support and obtain a Storage Resource ID. You can contact CommvaultCustomer Support by logging a ticket in the Maintenance Advantage Customer Support Portal.

  3. Create a Private Endpoint using the Storage Resource ID in your own Azure subscription. For more information, see

  4. Contact Commvault Customer Support and provide the name of the Private Endpoint that you created, to request approval.

  5. Once the Private Endpoint is approved, verify that the value for the CONNECTION STATE for the endpoint is displayed as Approved.

  6. Update your DNS server to resolve your storage account endpoint to the Private Link's IP address.


    • To obtain the storage account endpoint, see Obtaining the Storage Account Name.

    • The network policy must be disabled for the subnet containing the Private Endpoint. Specifically, the following subnet properties must be disabled:

      • privateLinkServiceNetworkPolicies: Disabled

      • privateEndpointNetworkPolicies: Disabled