Converting to Amazon EC2

When restoring a VMware or Azure virtual machine from a backup, you can choose to restore the VM as an Amazon EC2 instance.

You can use this feature to migrate virtual machines to the AWS cloud.

You can perform VM conversions from streaming backups, from secondary copies, or from IntelliSnap backup copies. You cannot perform a conversion from a Snap copy.

Commvault supports three methods for converting on-premises VMs to Amazon EC2 instances:

  • (Recommended. This is the fastest method.) VM Conversion using Amazon EBS direct APIs. This uses the Amazon EBS direct APIs to perform serverless recovery to any AWS account or region.

    EBS direct API restores run faster VM conversions and attach volume restores across regions, availability zones (AZ), and accounts. You can write data to the EBS snapshots using the EBS Direct API without the need to create and attach volumes to the access node.

  • VM Conversion using Commvault HotAdd. This requires an Amazon EC2 instance in the destination region to mount temporary Amazon EBS volumes for backup and recovery.

  • VM Conversion using AWS VM Import/Export. This utilizes the AWS VM Import/Export service to stage a VM in Amazon S3, and then convert to an Amazon EC2 instance.