Creating and Managing Workflows

You can use workflows to automate business processes–both CommCell and external–using a set of predefined activities that are defined in a specific order.


  • Quickly define business processes using predefined activities, instead of spending hours writing scripts, integrating programs with "glue-code," and building state machines.

  • Use the debug mode to see runtime information and activity inputs and outputs.

  • Design a workflow using a library that contains basic tasks.

  • Create workflows for common tasks and let end users run self-service workflows from the Web Console.

  • Automatically send emails or action items when something needs to be approved or reviewed.

  • Set workflow permissions to control the user actions, such as the ability to run a specific workflow but not modify it.

  • View workflow job history.

  • Manage and troubleshoot workflow jobs from the Job history page.

  • Run workflows as APIs. API Workflows run completely in memory (no job ID is assigned).