Creating a Credential to Access a Cloud Library

You can create a credential to access a cloud library.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Storage > Cloud > cloud_storage.

    The cloud storage page appears.

  2. On the Bucket, Container, Root folder and so on bar, click Add.

    The Add bucket dialog box appears.

  3. From the MediaAgent list, select the MediaAgent that you want to write the data to the cloud library.

  4. In the Bucket, Container, Root folder and so on box, type the bucket name.

  5. From the Storage class list, select the appropriate storage class for your account.

  6. From the Credential list, select the credential that you want to use to access the cloud library or click the + to create new credentials.

    The Add credential dialog box appears.

  7. Enter the following information:

    • Access Key ID: Enter the access key for the account.

    • Secret access key: Enter the secret access key to access the account.

  8. Click Save.