Creating a Subclient for Nutanix Files Exported to CIFS

You can create a user-defined subclient for Nutanix Files that are exported to CIFS.

When you add a file server, a default subclient is automatically created. The default subclient contains all the data, and cannot be deleted. You can create more subclients for data that has different backup requirements.

If the content of subclients overlap, then the backup of each share is performed separately.

The default subclient does not back up the content that is specified in the other subclients within the same backup set.

Before You Begin

  • Verify that all Windows access nodes have access and permissions to the CIFS share that you add to the subclient.

  • Verify that the impersonate user credentials have read and write permissions on the CIFS share. The same user credentials are used to back up the subclient and to browse for subclient content (not all file servers require credentials for browsing).

  • If you are creating a subclient whose content is CIFS shares from non-default access zone, verify that the subclient content is from the same access zone.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > File servers.

    The File servers page appears.

  2. Click the file server.

    The file server page appears.

  3. Under Protocols, click CIFS.

    The CIFS page appears.

  4. In the Subclients section, on the right of the page, click Add subclient.

    The Add subclient dialog box appears.

  5. In the Name box, enter a name for the subclient.

  6. From the Plan list, select the server plan to use for the subclient.

  7. For Content, select the CIFS share that you want to back up.

    Only the CFT backup enabled shares are included in backups.

  8. Click OK.

For more information about customizing the backup content for a subclient, see Wildcards for Windows File System Subclients.