Creating a Tag for an Entity

Applies to: Virtual machines, hypervisors, VM groups, file servers, databases, laptops, servers, server groups, companies

You can create and apply tags to entities in the Command Center.

A tag is a pair of a key and an optional value. You can use tags to categorize resources, which makes searching easier. You can assign a tag to any Commvault entity.

For example, by applying a tag called location with a value of headquarters to all servers located in the company headquarters you can get a list of all servers located in the company headquarters using REST APIs.

Before You Begin

You must have the Tag Management permission.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to the entity that you want to apply a tag to.

    The entity page appears.

  2. In the row for the entity, click the action button actions button***use the other one ->86655***, and then select Manage tags.

    The Manage tags dialog box appears.

  3. Enter a tag name and a tag value, and then click the Add tag button Add tag button.

  4. Click Save.

What to Do Next

From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Tags. On the Tag Manager page that appears, you can view the tags for companies.