Creating a VM Group for Amazon EC2

To specify a set of instances to back up or restore, create a VM group.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

    The Virtual machines page appears.

  2. On the Hypervisors tab, click the hypervisor.

    The hypervisor page appears.

  3. Click Add VM group.

    The Add VM group dialog box appears.

  4. Provide the following information:

    • Hypervisor: Select the hypervisor.

    • Name: Type a descriptive name for the VM group.

    • Contents: Manually select instances or configure automatic discovery of instances.

      • To manually select the instances for the VM group, click Add virtual machines, in the Add instances dialog box, select the instances, and then click OK. For more information, see Add Instances Options for Amazon.

      • To automatically discover instances based on search criteria, click Add rule, in the Add rule dialog box, configure the search criteria, and then click Save. For more information and examples, see Add Rule Options for Amazon.

    • Snap configuration: To enable IntelliSnap backups, move this toggle key to the right.

      When you enable IntelliSnap for a VM group, the associated server plan is automatically updated to have the Snap enabled option selected. During IntelliSnap backups, the AMI, the volume snapshots, and the temporary volumes are tagged with the string '_GX_BACKUP_'.

      During a backup operation, the tags on the source volumes are inherited by the intermediate resources such as volumes and snapshots.


      In certain cases, the Commvault software might not delete snapshots that are intended to be temporary, and these snapshots can increase your monthly costs for AWS. For information about identifying and deleting these snapshots, see Cleaning up resources after Amazon EC2 instance or backup deletion.

    • Plan: From the list, select the plan that specifies the storage, retention, and backup schedule to use for the VM group.

  5. Click Save.

You can also enable IntelliSnap backups for a VM group by creating a plan with IntelliSnap backups enabled and associating the plan with the VM group. For more information, see Getting Started with IntelliSnap.