Downloading Software On Demand

You can use the Command Center to download Commvault feature release and maintenance release installation files to the CommServe server and remote caches on demand.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > System > Maintenance.

    The Maintenance page appears.

  2. Click Download/copy software.

    The Download/copy software section appears, showing the current feature release, the latest available feature release, and the last job that was run.

  3. Click Run job Right arrow.

    The Download/copy software dialog box appears.

  4. Select Download software using Internet.

  5. In Download installation media, select the available feature release or maintenance release installation files that you want to download.

  6. In Operating system options, select the platform and operating system for the software you want to download.

  7. In Remote caches to sync, select the remote caches where you want to copy the downloaded packages to (in addition to downloading to the CommServe server).

  8. Click Download.