Ensuring That Linux VMs Start Successfully

If the /etc/fstab file for a Linux instance contains entries corresponding to additional volumes, the instance boots into emergency mode and is not accessible by SSH.


  1. From the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console, create a serial console connection for the instance.

    For more information, see Instance Console Connections.

  2. Connect to the instance through the serial console and log on by providing the root password.

  3. Edit the /etc/fstab file: For each of the entries corresponding to additional volumes, add _netdev and nofail to the mount options (fourth column).

  4. Restart the instance.

    After performing these steps, the instance should boot normally.

  5. Connect to the volumes using the iSCSI intiator. Run the following commands for each additional volume:

    sudo iscsiadm -m node -o new -T volume_iqn -p ip_address:port

    sudo iscsiadm -m node -o update -T volume_iqn -n node.startup -v automatic

    sudo iscsiadm -m node -T volume_iqn -p ip_address:port -l

    With the following inputs:

    • volume_iqn: The iSCSI qualified number (IQN) that identifies the volume.

    • ip_address: IP address for the target portal.

    • port: Port for the target portal.

    For more information, see Connecting to a Volume.

  6. Restart the instance.