Excluding Stateless Applications from a Kubernetes Application Group

You can exclude stateless applications (that is, applications that do not have any PersistentVolumeClaims) so that they are not backed up.

If you both add and exclude the same application, the application is not backed up. If you both add and exclude the same namespace, the namespace is backed up.

Stateless applications have underlying application manifests for their Pods, ConfigMaps, Secrets, and other related API resources. If copies of the manifests are stored in your source code control system (such as Azure DevOps or GitHub), then you can exclude those applications from protection.

When you exclude stateless applications from your backups, migration activities like complete namespace migration or cloning for dev/test seeding, cluster consolidation, or cluster lifecycle might fail.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Kubernetes.

    The Applications tab appears.

  2. On the Application groups tab, click the application group.

    The application group page appears.

  3. In the Content section, click Manage.

    The Application group content dialog box appears.

  4. Move the Skip stateless applications toggle key to the right.

  5. Click OK.

For information about protecting your source code with Commvault, see Azure DevOps and GitHub.