Getting Started with Amazon RDS for MariaDB

Getting started with Amazon RDS for MariaDB includes completing the Databases guided setup, configuring entities, and then performing a test backup and a restore.

Complete the Databases Guided Setup

To add the first database in your Command Center environment, use the Databases guided setup. In the Command Center, go to Guided setup > Databases.

To complete the guided setup, you need the following information:

  • The server name

  • The host name

  • The credentials that you use to access the server

  • The packages that you want to install, such as Oracle


    If you are configuring a database that uses a pseudoclient, you must manually install the packages on the physical servers before you use the guided setup. For more information, see Adding a New Server.

Configure Entities

  1. Add an access node.

  2. Add a hypervisor.

  3. Add an instance.

  4. Add a database group for content that have different backup requirements.

Perform a Test Backup and Restore

  1. Back up a database group.

  2. Restore one or more databases.