Global File Search for Virtual Machine Files

You can use the global search bar in the Command Center to perform a consolidated search of all virtual machine data.

You can perform a global search from the top level or from the VM group level.


  • Restore and download of deleted files in not supported for Version 1 hypervisors.

  • For File Indexing Version 2 clients, searching for VM group files is only available if file search features are enabled at the plan level.

  • If the CommCell environment has on-premises index servers or Cloud index servers that use port-forwarding gateways or network proxies (for example, Amazon Web Services or Azure), global file search does not display results. For global file search to work in this case, you must set up a dedicated user account for each index server, and then perform a global search for each index server from that user account.

Before You Begin

  • All index servers in the CommCell environment must be running, and able to communicate with each other directly.

  • File indexing must be enabled at the VM group level so that global file search works on the file indexed VMs.


  1. At the top of the Command Center, click the global search bar.

  2. Type /Files, and then press Enter.

    /Files appears in the search box.

  3. In the search box, type the string that you want to search for in file names.

    As you type, a list of matching file names appears.

  4. To view all the search results, click Show all files.

  5. To further refine your search results, select the following search filters:

    • Server name: View the files on selected servers.

    • Size: View the files that are within the selected size range.

    • Modified date: View the files that were modified within the selected time range.

  6. To download a file to your local computer, hover over the file, and then click the download arrow that appears to the right of the file name:

    Global File Search for Virtual Machine Files (2)

  7. Optional: To restore a file to a destination client or the VM that is under the configured VM destination hypervisor, click the file name to open the Restore options page.