Known Issues for VM-Centric Operations in Command Center

The following issues have been identified with VM-centric operations.

Files and Folders

  • For VMware: File and folder information is not collected during backups.

  • To restore guest files and folders from a VM-centric backup, use one of the copies (primary or secondary) and perform a live browse from the disk/cloud library. Guest file restores from tape are not supported with VM-centric backups, because file details are not collected in VM-centric backups, and live browse operations are not supported from tape copies. As a workaround if no disk library is available, you can restore a full VM or a virtual machine disk from a tape copy.

  • You cannot use the virtual machine archiving feature for VM-centric virtualization clients.

  • You cannot use the Web Console to perform VM-centric operations.


  • You cannot specify encryption settings at the VM-level. You can specify encryption settings using the storage policy.

Copies and Storage

  • To create a secondary copy, configure the storage policy copy to use the offline copy method, which creates the secondary copy as a separate operation after the backup completes. For a virtualization client that is configured for VM-centric operations, you cannot use the inline copy option, which creates a secondary copy as part of the backup operation.

  • For Hyper-V V2: Operations on snapshot (for example, mount, hardware revert, delete, force delete) are not supported from parent jobs.

VM Admin and Synthetic Full Jobs

  • VM Admin (synthetic full) jobs do not appear in the Job Controller, and you cannot create alerts based on them. These jobs are created only to report job status, and they appear only in the job history and some reports.

  • In 11.20 and later releases, current throughput will not be updated at the VM Admin (synthetic full or parent) job level. You should check the VM status to confirm current throughput for each job.

  • If a synthetic full backup job is initiated by an automatic backup schedule that is associated with a subclient, only the child jobs for each VM run, and no VM Admin (synthetic full) job is created for the subclient. The system staggers automatic synthetic full backups at the VM level. This eliminates the need to have a parent synthetic full backup job, because VM jobs may run at different times due to the staggering.

  • For virtualization clients that are configured for VM-centric operations, if you associate child VMs with a schedule policy that initiates synthetic full backups, the synthetic full backup jobs are only visible from the job history for the child VMs or when you view jobs for the schedule policy. Synthetic full backup jobs appear in the job history for the subclient only if the virtualization client or subclient are associated with the schedule policy.

  • For virtualization clients that are configured for VM-centric operations, after performing a synthetic full backup, you cannot perform another synthetic full backup until you have run at least one incremental backup.

CommCell Migration

  • If you use CommCell Migration to migrate a CommCell that includes a hypervisor that is configured for VM-centric operations, the backup jobs that were performed for a VM group or subclient are not migrated. As a result, you can only perform browse and restore operations from a VM client. Browse and restore operations from the VM group or subclient are not supported for backups that were performed prior to the migration.

For detailed information about VM-centric operations using the CommCell Console, see VM-Centric Operations for Virtual Server Agent.