Linux Access Node Support for Amazon Web Services

You can configure a Linux instance to act as a Virtual Server Agent (VSA) access node for Commvault backups and restores. You can use the Linux access node for streaming or IntelliSnap backup operations and restore operations.


  • One of the following AWS instance types:

    • CentOS 7.4, 8.0

    • RHEL 7.5, 8.0, 8.2

    • Amazon Linux instance using a 64-bit Arm processor

      When you use an AWS instance with the 64-bit ARM processor as a Linux access node for VSA, you can back up instances or restore full instances, but you cannot restore guest files.

  • Mono

  • Commvault Virtual Server Agent package

  • If you use an on-premises deployment of the CommServe system, configure a firewall as described in Configuring a Firewall to Install the Virtual Server Agent on a Cloud VM or Instance before you deploy the Linux access node.

Deployment Options

Supported Features

  • IntelliSnap backups

  • Streaming backups

  • Instance filters

  • Volume filters

  • Full instance restores (HotAdd method)

  • Restore volume and attach to new or existing instance

  • Live browse

  • Restore guest files and folders

  • Agentless file recovery using Command Center

  • Live sync replication (HotAdd method) when the drivers are pre-installed on the guest VMs (including failover and failback support)

The following features are not supported when using a Linux access node. Use a Windows access node for these operations.

  • Full instance restores (import method)

  • Conversion from another hypervisor to AWS (import method).

  • Conversion from another hypervisor to AWS (import method) is not supported when using a Linux access node to convert a Windows guest VM.

  • Live sync replication (import method).


    For cross-hypervisor restores or replication from VMware to Amazon, you can use an access node that runs on Windows or Linux. If you use an access node that runs on Linux, for both Windows and Linux guest VMs, the drivers must be installed on the source before performing the backup. Otherwise, the replication operation fails. You cannot use a Linux access node for the import method.


The HotAdd restore method is used for restore operations that meet the following conditions:

  • Use an AWS instance as an access node.

  • Restore an instance to the same zone as the access node that is used for the operation.

  • Specify Windows guest VM credentials for the restore operation (credentials are not required for Linux guest VMs).

  • If an access node running Windows is used for the operation, the Amazon folder under the Commvault install_directory must contain the AWSPVDriverSetup.msi and Ec2Install.exe components.

If any of these conditions are not met for a restore operation, the import method is used.